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Tuesday Afternoon Is In A Showcase!

The short film I made with my wonderful class is going to be shown in the 2016 Ai Media Showcase! The showcase isn't a film festival or a contest at all -- it's just a showcase (I think). So there won't be any sleepless nights waiting for a panel of people to lay the gauntlet down on our hard work.

That being said, this is the first time it will be screened in front of an audience who has no emotional investment in the film. I won't have any sleepless nights in regard to that, but I will be nervously awaiting their reactions to see if they enjoy the film. In that manner, the short is being judged. Again, no sleepless nights for me...unless it flops. Still, I'm proud of the work we were able to accomplish in the amount of time that we were given to produce the short. 10 weeks in total to conceive, write, produce, edit, add VFX, and finish sound, and we did it. Flop or not, "Tuesday Afternoon," Tello fecit. But the good news is, there's plenty more schlock from whence that came!

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