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Tuesday Afternoon! Coming soon...

I'm currently working on post production for a short that I co-wrote and co-directed. The production went very well, and so far post is going almost as well. My team and I shot the entire short over the course of a 10 hour production day. We planned for three, whittled that down to a two day shoot schedule, but in the end we got it all in one day.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our lead actor. He's fairly new to acting, and taking on a project where he had to act with something that wasn't there, I'd say he did a great job - PLUS HE DID HIS OWN STUNTS! Thanks, Beau, for all your hard work.

With the amount of visual effects shots crammed into the short time-table, this has proved to be a very ambitious task. Luckily I have a solid team working around me. Approximately 85% of the short has some type of visual effect. Lucky for us it's just a short and not a feature. After the VFX are completed, the short will still need color grading and a final sound mix. Only 3 weeks left for me on this project, so I really need to get back to work.

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